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ProQuest LLC is an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based global information-content and technology company, founded in 1938 as University Microfilms by Eugene B. Power. ProQuest provides applications and products for libraries. Its resources and tools support research and learning, publishing and dissemination, and the acquisition, management and discovery of library collections.


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Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Micro-management. Get ready to work after office hours. 8 hours job is not sufficient. Degree of Arrogance / Unit of Achievement is Very High in some managers. Lack of transparency. False promises. Favoritism. Attitude is Achievements are because if managers. Failures are because of subordinates."

Former Employee - Director says

"Profound gaps in Sr. leader skills and overall integrity. Very, very little room for advancement. Rampant (unskilled) nepotism. No material, influential, or consequential leader role is held by a woman now or over my tenure. Unpleasant us/them culture"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Politics Inept leadership Lots of turnover in HR Stunted growth"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Petty, cliquish departmental politics; noisy atmosphere; plenty of inept employees with no direction or discipline from upper-management. Obnoxious, climbing "extroverts" skating by on flattery instead of work ethic are favored over hard working employees who prefer to keep to themselves and let their work speak for themselves."

Former Employee - Sales says

"Sales management is not from the library space and doesn't understand the challenges facing account managers. It's all about the forecast and closing business, but this request comes with no guidance or support- only criticism. This private business made a decision a few years ago to abandon library relationships and put sales leadership in place that manages via a bully mentality. Every sales decision a front line sales person needs to make must be approved by a micromanaging approval process that sometimes takes weeks to get a response on. When sales don't meet expectations, there is no advise from management because they are not interested in "excuses" The North American upper managements answer to quota misses is to restructure and blame the shortfalls on inherited staff from previous sales management. This practice is done to show the CEO that they are making changes and buy time. And all this is at a cost of relationships and lost business due to trust issues with a provider. At one time ProQuest had a reputation as a thought leader in the library space. Providing thoughtful and well planned releases of platforms and content. What they have developed over the past 2-3 years is a coverup for what should have been fixed 5-10 years ago. Platform management is a sham and search results are so poor that most libraries rely on discovery services and avoid native platform shortfalls. ProQuest has lost so much key content that they've had to develop a "content diversity" market campaign to keep libraries interested. Its really nonsense as most of the content they are adding has little value and a low impact factor. With only a handful a key titles, its only a matter of time before those move to an aggregator with a solid sales management team. Commission plan is a joke, they will tell you how much money you can make if you overachieve quota by 10-15%. What they fail to realize is, that quota is set at 4-6% growth rate YoY, this means an AM has to do 15-20% above target to see any real money. And if you don't maintain that level of selling you go into a "liability balance" which means you owe the company for providing millions of dollars in revenue. The commission plan is based on YTD sales, if you fall behind you will never see a commission check even if you land a large deal. Great sales people have left the company because of this terrible - profit driven - compensation plan. We can only hope this family owned business wakes up one day and fires the upper management or the company is driven down so much it is sold to someone who can grow it again. Really sad to see such a great company in the hands of poor leadership that is only interested in their future. Most of these guys will move on in a year or two and leave the company in shambles."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at ProQuest for many years and feel it is time to jump ship. The upper management is clueless as to what the market is all about and how difficult it is in these times of budget cuts to meet high quotas in a marketplace that is not growing. Top reps are leaving in droves."

Former Employee - Sales says

"Management, all of them especially Sales. PQ has a terrible Sales Management Team! They do not values their salespeople and continuously re-organize the sales teams. The current Sales leadership has made making commission or goal nearly impossible and they will continue to tell you that you should run your territory as "your own business". Yeah, right, except every little discount needs to be approved by at least two layers of management which takes negotiating and closing sales out of the sales reps. hands and you make very little on any sale now. If you like being treated like a child then take a sales job here. If you go out drinking with your manager you may be okay for a while as well. You better hope PQ does not buy the current company you work for...they will say all the right things at the beginning then slowly ruin your company and fire you and everyone else. Yes, the Glassdoor reviews were correct, even though we were told to ignore them because they were just from disgruntled employees. Applying for an internal job is also a burden. As a current employee applying for other positions in the company I was treated like any other candidate, in fact the recruiter that did my preliminary interview was on contract in another state and had no clue what I did with the company. I was sent an automated message from HR that the position I interviewed for was being cancelled. What a joke! A company that pretends to "value" its employees can't even tell a current employee that a position they interviewed for was no longer being filled by a real person! If you are a good sales person I highly recommend you NOT consider PQ. They will suck the life out of you and ruin your spirit with their unrealistic goals, lack of commission and terrible senior management. If you are a yes man and like being treated poorly then give it a shot. Don't believe the Forbes voted us in the top 100 or whatever they claim, I am sure that was paid for as everyone on the Sales Teams were miserable."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Ping pong tables are just for show, do not use them. The company does not value people. There are little to no standards for merit. Politics and cronyism reign supreme. Incompetence abounds at every level. They do not promote women or minorities."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company seems to change direction every few years whenever there is a change of senior management. I am sure they do a good job but below SVP level there are some really awful layers of management. The company does not nurture talent. Layoffs seem more related to who directors don't like rather than getting rid of dead wood. The company has lost some real quality talent over the years. It does a good job of buying up businesses and running them into the ground. Lot of clock watchers and people who rarely if ever put in a full day's work."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lacking direction. Lacking strategy. Lacking knowledge and talent at senior levels. Lacking industry trending knowledge and understanding customers problems. Revolving door of management resulting in endless churn and lack of focus."

Imagining Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This company is not designed for long term they overwork you and underpaying. When asked about increase in salary some have just been replaced. Management doesnt care about employees more focused on disappearing and avoiding questions"

DevOps Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Security is non-existent, horrible customer relations, no antivirus solution, no intrusion detection system, no malware or threat prevention is in place, no firewall solution, everyone has full administrative access, no discretionary access control is in place, no auditing or logging is in place, no patching or software updates are performed. I would strongly suggestion any client to avoid using any product if you care anything about your data. How has ever passed an external audit without outright fabrication of the truth, is beyond my understanding."

PRODUCT MANAGEMENT (Former Employee) says

"Management is constantly in survival mode and new people are brought in annually. Lack of support for employees and a complete lack of a strategy. Male only management environment."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"All they care about is making money. They may pretend to be interested in your welfare, but it is just a way to discover your weaknesses. They pay very well and have great benefits, but it’s all just camouflage for their obsession with “the figure” at the end of each month and then year. Many of their,mainly, American and European senior managers and directors haven’t got a clue about the UK marketplace and make incorrect assumptions on a daily basis. And god forbid you should point out the Emperor is naked. Only apply for a job here if you want to make money for a couple of years then get out.Salary and benefitsEverything else"

SYSTEMS ANALYST II (Former Employee) says

"The culture is awful. They hire people at below what the area is paying. If you are at all competent in your job, you will find another job within two years because you can't stand it there. Failure is not addressed. Everyone plays the CYA game and nothing goes done in a timely or well thought out manner.Flexible hours, no-show isn't pushed.Benefits, pay, teams, management, bad tech support"

Digital Tech (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend working here if you are a person of color. I worked at their Ypsilanti location as a temp but instead of being hired in like I thought I was, I was let go after over a year of dedicated work. I watched them get rid of all the temps that weren't caucasian. The only people of color that work at this location has been hired in for years and they are very few. I realized too late that they never intended to hire anyone in. This location is unorganized and my shift supervisor didn't know much about what was going on or how to do his job.paid 30 min lunch break, easy work, mostly friendly coworkerseverything much to type out."

Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Office staff had no idea what they are doing big Technicians turn over . Customers happy due to Technicians hard work . However , office staff only cared about getting outta office at 4.45 pm"

Metadata Librarian (Former Employee) says

"employed in the Seattle office. It was a good place to get my start, however too much transition, mergers, layoffs, and pay wasn't so good. Chaotic middle management, didn't stay long. Not so sure how much longer the Seattle office will remain open. It saw it shrink in the 5 years there.could work from home when I needed to.January Lay-offs, low pay, lots of mergers."

Client Engagement/ Customer Accountant (Former Employee) says

"ProQuest as a whole is a great place to work. I knew numerous people in other departments who loved their job and manager. Finance had a lot of problems. There is a high turnover and Top managers lacked any sort of leadership training which caused low morale and inefficiency.Free coffee, good peopleLack of leadership skills"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Management is a joke. Won't listen, fires people for standing up for themselves. Employees are left in the dark and wondering if they'll have a job tomorrow. I do not recommend working for ProQuest.PTO and benefitsManagement"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"There has been continual lay-offs for the last two years and challenges around leadership and consistency. Moral is down. They seem to be stuck in the early 2000's time warp.lay-off rounds for 2 years"

Image Specialist (Current Employee) says

"If you are ready to kiss butt then this is the place for you. That's the ONLY way you're going go advance. Management are best friends so NOTHING else really matters."

Content Editor, Sr., Metadata Librarian assistant, Congressional Product (Former Employee) says

"Let me start with the pros: Good health care benefits Excellent 401K benefits (company match up to 50% of your contribution) Flexible scheduling Ok, now for the cons: I worked for ProQuest for 7 years in the Content division at the Bethesda, MD office. During my time there, I have seen seismic shifts in the company's direction and culture. The team I started on saw 60% turnover on a team of 6. The team was then converted to primarily contractors, then completely whittled down to only 4 people, manager included. That was over the first 4 years I was there. I was put in charge of a new product type midflight, with no managerial or project management training. This is a very hit-the-ground-running approach. I had to learn everything on the job, which means I was learning a lot (which I personally like), but I was also making a lot of unnecessary mistakes. The project was a complete disaster with product management attempting to abandon ship 2 years after the product had launched. There was clear nepotism and personal bias in promotions (if there was a promotion that is: the company started eliminating positions after they were emptied). The Bethesda office has also seen two remodels in 4 years, with the company consolidating 2 offices and then later a 3rd, into one office space. The biggest shift happened in Feb. 2019 when the Senior Leader of the Content Operations division of the company declared, "I believe collaboration can only happen in office..." and wiped out all remote employees. If you were a remote employee, you were given the choice to take severance"

Technical Service Manager (Current Employee) says

"Poor Management, no appreciation, 24 hrs working without getting overtime, multiple works without any training, poor salary offering, stressful, no personal life, no office timing"

QA Test Engineer II (Former Employee) says

"Never used ping pong table. Was heads down all the time. Company discontinued all development within a 2.5 year time. Only customer service office now in Seattle. Before corporate got involved company appeared to value employees but changed very quickly. People were excellent to work with but management was more interested in scooping competition and pleasing Goldman Sachs.Originally a good place to workCompany changed and merged with a competitor"

Electronic Content liaison (Former Employee) says

"Underhanded financial dealing nearly destroyed the company. A culture that allows this sort of illegal behavior should be reviewed in detail before working for it."

Corporate Marketing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"In my 2 year contract at ProQuest I watched some of the greatest minds leave the company because management would rather pay someone less to do their job. I love what the company does as a whole but they were focusing on quantity and not quality. They also were not building up the team they had but rather in constant search for outside talent. After 2 years of my contract being threatened every three months, no benefits, Michigan pay in the expensive Silicone Valley I had to call it quits. There was no future for me there.You feel satisfied with the product's worthBad Management, low pay, disorganized"

Lead Technical Program Manager (Former Employee) says

"PMO not valued, product engineering teams work hard and care, executives aren't on same page; too much exec management turnover, HQ and Fremont offices too remotetalented caring individual contributors and lower level managersExec management consistency hard to find"

Citrix Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Administered ProQuest XenApp farms, consisting of approximately 50 servers, and 400 concurrent users. Managed and resolved incident and request tickets assigned to the Citrix support team."

Customer Exp Sr Training & Consulting Partner (Current Employee) says

"ProQuest is an excellent place to work if you thrive on change and constant development. As one of the leaders in library automation and electronic content delivery, ProQuest is an excellent place for someone with the Masters of Library Science (MLS) who is looking for something outside of the traditional library walls. There is always something new happening, a new company being acquired, new job opportunities and, in many cases, a wide customer base to work with.Many positions allow for teleworking or are completely home-based; global companyRapid changes at times"